The “bekommen + Partizip Perfekt” Construction in German: A Variety of Meanings

The German language is rich in various constructions and expressions that can convey subtle nuances. One such construction frequently used in everyday situations is “bekommen + Partizip Perfekt” (or “Partizip II”). This construction allows for the expression of different meanings and contexts, contributing to the diversity and nuance of the German language.

Basic Structure of the Construction

The fundamental structure of the construction involves the verb “bekommen” (to receive or get) combined with the Partizip Perfekt (Participle II) of the verb that describes the action received by the subject.

Examples from Everyday Speech

Let’s look at some examples:

  1. Als Dankeschön für die Hilfe habe ich eine handgemachte Karte geschenkt bekommen. (As a thank you for the assistance, I received a handmade card as a gift.)
  2. Wir haben die Genehmigung für das Bauprojekt endlich erteilt bekommen. (We finally received approval for the construction project.)
  3. Im Restaurant haben wir eine kostenlose Vorspeise serviert bekommen. (At the restaurant, we were served a complimentary appetizer.)
  4. Nach langem Warten haben sie endlich die Aufenthaltsgenehmigung erhalten bekommen. (After a long wait, they finally received their residence permit.)
  5. Während meines Urlaubs habe ich ein luxuriöses Ferienhaus zur Verfügung gestellt bekommen. (During my vacation, I was provided with a luxurious vacation home.)
  6. Auf der Konferenz habe ich die Gelegenheit, ein wichtiges Thema vorgetragen zu bekommen. (At the conference, I have the opportunity to have an important topic presented to me.)
  7. Im Museum haben wir seltene Kunstwerke zu sehen bekommen. (At the museum, we got to see rare artworks.)
  8. Nach meiner Dienstreise habe ich alle Reisekosten erstattet bekommen. (After my business trip, I received reimbursement for all the travel expenses.)
  9. In der Sprachschule habe ich die Grammatikregeln gut erklärt bekommen. (At language school, I received good explanations of the grammar rules.)
  10. Während der Pressekonferenz hat unser CEO viele dumme Fragen gestellt bekommen. (During the press conference, our CEO was asked a lot of stupid questions.)


The “bekommen + Partizip Perfekt” construction is versatile and allows for the expression of various meanings and nuances in the German language. From receiving money to gifts, information, and assignments, this construction can be used in a variety of contexts. It enriches the German language’s expressive capacity and contributes to precision and clarity in communication. It is essential to understand and use this construction correctly to effectively convey the intended meanings.

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